Management Benefits

“Access information anytime anywhere Just with a swipe of your touch screen.”

MyEduline offers you the following perks –

  • Fast and efficient decision making with quick information access
  • Real time two-way interaction option
  • Cost effective and less time consuming
  • Industrious multi-campus management with one software

Administration benefits

“Automated smart and neighbourly solutions”

MyEduline offers you the following perks –

  • Centralized reports with one swipe that has an access to all departments
  • Quick and easy notification/messages’
  • Expedient import and export of data
  • Smart e-communication with teachers, parents and students

Benefits for teachers

MyEduline’s software management provides a smart edge to every teacher’s hard work. The following benefits are noteworthy:

  • Automatic attendance and homework assignment options
  • Easy tracking of student’s performances
  • Smooth teacher and parent interaction via quick updates
  • Easily available online results or report cards

Benefits for Parents

With MyEduline’s software management program, parents are easily made aware of class and campus activities. Parents can supervise their children with live attachment and assignment alerts on cell phones. Apart from this, parents can track their children’s –

  • Class performance and test
  • Institution based news
  • Pictures and real time calendar
  • Paperless leave-management

Benefits of Students

MyEduline is paving way for a smart step in education for students. With our software management solutions they have enabled the following -

  • Online paperless homework assignments
  • Access to quick results, exam dates & time tables
  • Get updates instantly, even during absence
  • Submission of projects and assignments online