MyEduline Our Pricing Policy

Price Range

The amount we charge here at MyEduline depends solely on the type of service rendered by us. We will notify our customer’s beforehand regarding the kind of service, effort and workforce that will go into the output of the function.

Price Matching

At MyEduline we strive to offer our clients the best possible pricing that is convenient in this digital market. You won’t match our pricing not only with our competition but also; we assure you’ll not find another outlet which will give you a better price.

Pricing Errors

MyEduline, school management Software Company is very particular about pricing policy, and we keep a keen eye out for errors. Despite that, if chances of mismatching occur like the website price is lower than the price charged. We will instantly issue a cancellation of the order and notify customers about it.

Schedule of payment

Our services are versatile and some can be utilized for duration of 1 month to 1 year. Few services are time-oriented and these will be mentioned within the package itself.

Shopping Cart

Items or services customers add to the shopping cart will reflect the price displayed on the product detail page. Our merchandises or services are solely by MyEduline for personal use. So as part of our policy, we can refrain from selling to particular people who we feel may be using our products for resale.

Sale Adjustment

If an item or product you purchased from our website is reduced in pricing as reflected on the product detail page, we will happily adjust the pricing for your order.

Note : Our school management Software Company makes only 1 adjustment per merchandise/service.